With just over 12 months to go, the 2022 deadline is fast approaching!

From the 1st January 2022, any rental property that does not have interconnected Smoke Alarms cannot enter into a new tenancy nor can a lease be renewed unless the property has been upgraded.

Furthermore, Landlords run the risk of fines or insurance refusal if the property does not have interconnected Smoke Alarms.

Most Agencies are nowhere near where they need to be to ensure their portfolio’s will be fully upgraded in time.

It’s time to make Smoke Alarms front of mind and ensure that your portfolio is ready to meet the deadline. There are over 600,000 rental properties in Queensland, do not leave this until the “last minute frenzy” or you run the risk of your Portfolio not being completed in time.

SATS will assist you in getting you Portfolio compliant with the right products, price and service.

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