1 in 5 South Australian homes aren’t compliant

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A scary statistic has been shared via a news article about Adelaide home owners not getting compliant on smoke alarms. New research shows that 1 in 5 homes in South Australia are not following the law by failing to install smoke alarms in their properties.

There are so many cases where smoke alarms have saved lives. In many of instances it alerted them from their slumber to exit the house safely. In other incidences, occupants simple had no idea that a fire has even start in their property until the smoke alarm sounds.

Shockingly, last year 98 out of 528 house fires did not have smoke alarms installed at their property, another 2 per cent had working smoke alarms that were disabled.

Not only do smoke alarms keep loved ones safe by giving you that vital time to jump in to action, smoke alarms are a necessary investment to help protect your livelihood.

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