Media Release 1st February 2024


Brisbane, 1st February 2024- SATS (Smoke Alarm Testing Services) and SAS (Smoke Alarm Solutions) have entered a joint venture to provide SAS (Smoke Alarm Solutions) with a software solution along with ongoing operational guidance. SAS will remain the majority shareholder in the newly formed parent company Connected Property Services (Trading as Smoke Alarm Solutions) 

SAS will continue to operate with its legacy brand under Connected Property Services while SATS will continue to trade as its own entity. To assist with the phased transition of SAS onto an improved CRM and Field App, the SATS leadership team will oversee the management and migration. The collaboration will bring a unique synergy to the industry and foster advancements in smoke alarm services. 

The board of the newly formed entity (Connected Property Services) consists of Paul Briggs (Current SAS CEO), Simon Tolhurst (Current SAS Board Member) and Richard Anderson (Current SATS Board Member). 

When asked why SATS has entered this joint venture, SATS CEO Daniel Kramarzewski commented “An opportunity like this only comes once in a lifetime. Smoke Alarm Solutions (SAS) was a pioneer in the Smoke Alarm industry and have struggled, like many other companies, to meet the technology demands in our industry.  We have seen many other Smoke Alarm companies go out of business or be acquired, because their software wasn’t able to perform and I saw this as an opportunity to join forces with SAS, and provide them with the software and operational guidance for them to maintain and grow their market share. I look forward to working with the team at SAS to help them continue to provide their customers the high level of service they are used to. 

SATS will continue to trade independently of SAS across Australia and New Zealand and there will be no changes to the offering provided to SATS Customers